No Return ( Album )

Dj Scaldia

Dj Scaldia – No Return album

Dj Scaldia’s first full album released on Planet Scaldia Records.

This album is a collection of previously unreleased work. The collection consists of  8 full blown club tracks.

Various featuring artist are included in this album. The collaboration with Mr. Jones for the summer club track  “ Drums on Drums “ proves to be a huge success on the dance floors across Europe. Only Mr. Jones can add such a feel by the riveting percussion he creates with his  Djembe.

Latin Lust brings a blend of Flamenco guitar and progressive house. The inspiration for this song came from a beautiful track composed by Sivan Serror. The mix  and meet of the two artists created Latin Lust .

The feel for the progressive house sound  Dj Scaldia’s sets are famous for, explodes in Tomorrow’s Test, joining pumpy progressive beats with a more melodic style .

My Little Flower  is an exclusive club track that has been played in various edits. This track already has massive support all over Europe and the USA.

Scaldia’s Ibiza Dreams brings a more Balearic swing to the album. It’s  typical sounds will remind many of the sun setting at Sa Trinxa beach. It’s great to get back there on musical waves.

Tanis’s Dream brings a punchier Techno sound to the album. A solid club track with depth and drama all over . This will certainly rumble  dance floors in the following months..

Indian chalk is a full club trance track. The basic theme was  originally created for a commercial. It was so successful that a full version flowed forward.

Dark Flow is an adventure in deep synthesis. The arrangement and sounds were all made on analogue synths and drum machines. An old school feel oozes through but it still sounds fresh and new.

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