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TWIST3D ‘The Dream’ EP Review

Joy Andrews - Tuesday 29.03.11, 14:51pm

TWIST3D 'The Dream' EP

TWIST3D (Producer) aka Kurt La Rocca has definitely become unstoppable in his musical creative process, with yet another label release. This brilliant EP ‘The Dream’ released by Planet Scaldia,  is no doubt set to orbit the club dance floors of Belgium and beyond. DJ David Scaldia and TWIST3D met at the hottest Belgian clubbing-events over the years and established a solid respect for each other and their music.

After DJ Scaldia set up Planet Scaldia Records in 2009, TWIST3D made contact with him with the great news that he was now also producing tracks.

As Planet Scaldia’s goal was to launch and promote new talent , they released the 1st EP of TWIST3D, ‘No Frontiers’, at the label beginning 2011.

The relationship between the two producers was to become a solid foundation for creating and promoting excellent dance music from the already acclaimed studio’s of Belgium, as Twist3D reflected being a close follower of the club scene in his productions.

You will certainly enjoy the result of this new and promising joint venture with this brilliant EP release with exquisite vocal house music that is going to get your adrenaline pumping and your feet heading directly toward the dance floor.

The EP comprises of 3 powerful vocal House tunes, including ‘Legacy’ Extended Mix, ‘Dreamfunk’ Extended Mix and ‘Heaven’s Heartbeat’ Club Mix and with TWIST3D’s unstoppable desire to continue to create excellent dance music, we are without doubt that his music will continue to delight the club scene for many years to come. I am a great believer that every work of art is subjective, but I have no doubt that all House Music lovers will be impressed with the quality of the production on all 3 tracks.  They all have their own seperate qualities, including exquisite rhythm, bass, synths and not forgetting the vocals which I love to hear in any music, however, my favourite is without doubt ’Heavens Heartbeat’!  I will now allow the quality of the music and production to speak for itself!

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