Bones & Candy 2010

Dj Scaldia Feat. Ali Tcheelab

Let yourself go crazy with this happy track of Dj Scaldia! The sweet heartwarming voice of Ali Tcheelab guides you through the sweeping change of the musical composition, based on happy synth sounds and some steady bass lines. With this song Tcheelab provides a very convincing prove of his ability to carry any song, whether it’s a blues, RnB or Motown classic. The remix of Miss Karine and Axel G provide you the opportunity to enjoy of a quite heavier version of the song… for the fans of the more solid dance music. This progressive house remix was played by a lot of quality deejays in the circuit You can change the volume of the track, but you won’t be able to control your dancing moves! Most certainly you will feel it, in your bones that you should be dancing right away…