Can You Feel Me

Dj Scaldia Feat. Lois

Can You Feel Me is a creation of DJ Scaldia, one of the most well-known producers and deejays of the Antwerp scene. This song is the perfect match of old school house music and proper synth sounds. From the moment the first notes reach your ear, you notice that this ain’t some soft beat music. The sound of the snare brings the rhythmic flavour to a higher level and the synths add an extra floating dimension. This song is one of the first episodes in Scaldia’s search for a new clubbing genre, that includes a lot of house music, a little hip hop and even a frost of disco!


Can You Feel Me is the result of the first cooperation of DJ Scaldia and Lois, a female Flemish singer with a strong though sensitive voice and a lot of inventive musical attitude. The lyrics of the song are the result of her significant vocal talent. She fitted a fine melody with the thought of an easy come and go first meeting of two people on the dance floor. Girl meets boy, two bodies moving softly to the rhythm of Scaldia’s hit song.


JNS gave the turn-table a good shake and made a remix of Can You Feel Me. In this remix he followed the leads of Lois’s lyrics and constructed a nice and easy laidback song that invites listeners to chill and comfortably shake their hips. He focused on some of the vocal grace notes and added his well known minimal touch. This remix defines Can You Feel Me to be the first gaze upon a renewing eye-catching style of house music