Music is his passion, producing his way to clear his mind. His style is known to be surprising and give pure ecstacy to the people on the dancefloor. A new promising career in the music scene follows the quick tempo of his releases and growing support.  Welcome to Smootrab’s Jungle!

Smootrab (Bart Ooms) was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1980. At the age of 14 he started off as a local DJ (Jigs) and kept following the music scene since. Concentrating on his studies and family, he never focused on becoming a known name in the club scene. Now, many years later, he found a way to be more creative with his twisted musical mind. As a new upcoming producer, with his first release this year and with a total of more than 30 productions and collaborations by the end of 2011, he’s trying to put his stamp in the music scene over the coming years.  Smootrab’s future outlook is equally promising for  a good reason: strong motivation, hard work, study, trying to be creative and original. With events coming up of more than 20.000 party people, you will hear more of his Tech house to the bone, surprising effects, progressive uplifts, magical percussion and a lot of groovy beats! Stay tuned cause some more exciting releases are coming for sure!


Past and future releases

Smootrab, Nicz Troma – Got a feeling (Original Mix)

Smootrab, Nicz Troma – Got a feeling (Ragga Tech Mix)

Smootrab - Dove (Agitato Groove) 2011

Smootrab - Funky Beat (DNW Records) 2011

Smootrab - Contrabass (Triskel-Tech Recordings) 2011

Smootrab - Crazy Men (Triskel-Tech Recordings) 2011

Smootrab, Twist3d (SMO3D) - No Man's Land (T&T Records) 2011

Smootrab - Welcome to my Jungle (Kornerhouse Records) 2011

Smootrab – Guitarras del Mar (T&T Records) 2011

Smootrab – Sideffect (T&T Records) 2011

Smootrab – Forever Funky (T&T Records) 2011

Smootrab – Rising Dream (T&T Records) 2011

MarceloVak , Dirk DeGroote - Man on the moon (Smootrab Remix) (DNW Records) 2011

Smootrab – Groovex (Planet Scaldia) 2011

Smootrab – Moonlighter (Planet Scaldia) 2011

Smootrab – Sky High (Planet Scaldia) 2011

Smootrab - VIP Lounge (Planet Scaldia) 2011

Smootrab – Housexy (Kornerhouse Records) 2011

Smootrab – Dark Tribe (Kornerhouse Records) 2011

Smootrab – BimBam (Kornerhouse Records) 2011

Smootrab – Pianoloco (Kornerhouse Records) 2011

Jigs – Infinitum (Retorica Recordings) 2011

Jigs – Pompon (Retorica Recordings) 2011

Jigs – Ambo (Purple Edge Records, WMC Sampler) 2011