TRONICZ is a dj from Ghent...He started at the age of 14 in the bar of his parents. Playing all kinds of music. The music of the 80’s was a great inspiration to make mixed tapes for friends, not only the current or pop music, but also styles like funk, metal & new wave.Tronicz played on many local party’s and became a respected dj in Ghent.At the age of 16 he went for the first time to the Boccaccio in Destelbergen.The DJ’s played funk, soul & electronic music.It was the electronic music that inspired him;Front 242, The neon judgement, Human League...

Later, there was electronic body music, that became New Beat...A belgian creation and hype was born. Tronicz wents to a lot of recordstores like Music Man & Target Records. He still owns the records of this period.

Later,he made priority of his family and quited DJ-ing, but never lost his love for music and kept following the Electronic music scene and the evolution of it.

In 2002 he started to play R&B in a club in Ghent for several months, but never left the electronic music. Later he played all kinds of music in a lot of clubs in Ghent and started with styles like Tribal & Latin House.

In 2009, he discoverd the basics of producing and started to remix some tracks.

In 2010 he started to remix tracks for Frank De Wulf (B-sides) and other DJ's...Also edits & mashups of other tracks...

Now there's his new project..."NICZ TROMA"

TRONICZ DJ: style :Tech House, Latin Tech, Tribal Tech,  "Defected in the house" and "Hed Kandi", but likes also other kinds of House (progressive, minimal, techno,...)