NDP are two brothers. Born in Antwerp, Belgium. From a very young age they both knew that music was going to play a mayor role in their lives. In 2001 they moved to southern Spain with their parents. Being in their teenage years they started to discover the club scene in Southern Spain. Being blown away by the women, the music, the atmosphere, the vibe, it was incredible for the young minds of two boys who came form their boring childlike life in Belgium to a totally new world, called HOUSE. Because they wanted to do something with music the oldest one started to play the guitar and the young brother jammed on the bass. One thing let to the other and it didn’t take long or the first electronic music equipment was bought.

Although music was an important part of their life during their stay in Spain, they never considered taking their career in that direction. Until they returned to their home country. When they came back to Belgium to continue their studies they realized that they missed the underground House music but didn’t do much about it. It wasn’t until the summer of 2009 that they started to participate in some local DJ contests with changing success. This step made them confident enough to start producing their own sounds and NDP SOUND was born.

Nowadays NDP has just signed their first record deal with PLANET SCALDIA and is working on becoming resident DJ in some well known clubs in Belgium, Holland and Spain.