Mr Ferrigno, the alias of Fabrizio Ferrigno, born on the 18th of December 1992 in the Hague, is a decendant of South American and Italian origin. With a clasical education on violin and later guitar, he managed to give his sound a firm base.

In his early years his interest lay in urban and rock music, until, spawned by his friend, Edinburgh-based House DJ and performing artist for the Pulsation Music Group Cristian Shearer he found his way into the underground. This made him venture into the dance scene in 2009, performing at venues like Twister (Groningen), CLub 7 and Millers (The Hague) and events like Queensnight 2012 and Thimun.

In 2012 he debuted on Pulsation Records with "Jungle Flute". Mr. Ferrigno's music portrays his Hot Tomale roots, so be warmed!!!