Lois (Annelore Camps) is a  young, lively 24-year old Flemish girl with a lot of ambition for making her dreams come true. One of these dreams involves a lot of singing, on clouds of rhythms floating on winds of melodies. 'The sky is the limit' is all we need to complete the metaphore!

She started singing when she was a little girl and was reputed to have sung herself to sleep every night as a toddler. She never stopped her vocal expeditions as a teenager and was soon about to release her voice onto the rest of the world. At 18 years of age, and after several modest musical projects, she started performing in the cover band Kokain. Three years later she was exposed the magical feeling of creating music with the funky tunes creating machine called The Mob Stories. These experiences allowed her musical abilities got to grow at a steady pace and as it stands, Lois has no plans for stopping this development short. She’s about to absorb voice technique, rhythm and various vocal experiences to grow to an even greater vocal range, a stronger voice and a downright timbre.

The Lois Train is not going to be stopped anytime soon!

She is now also singing on productions with dj Scaldia. Their first release is coming out on Planet Scaldia.