Jimmy Galle brought out his first record in 2004 along with bonzai producer Frederico Santini viz. Digital Trumpets/Drop on BBC Records.

Together with Ruly (R&Y) they invested in setting up their own music production studio. R&Y broke through the Trance scene in 2007 with their track It's Cold Outside (CNR Records/Mostiko), a Collab with Trance Diva Jan Johnston who responded with enthusiasm to a demo they had sent her.

A great honour for these two young and upcoming Belgian producers to work with the Legendary Jan Johnston. Another project, TranceSession parties organized by the duo and their comerade DJ Mylan, secured sets by big names in Trance. Now R&Y have evolved their sound to a more progressive house genre evident from their latest releases under the Label Bonzai Fiesta. Jimmy also works on his own solo productions, which promises to be deeper than his collaborations with Ruly.

2009 will be a great promising year, expect only the best from this young and upcoming DJ/producer!