ICE 9 is an Alternative, Experimental, Electro duo from London/New York. Originally signed to Belgium label Rage Records, Ice 9 released a string of Techno/Trance 12 inches. Ice 9’s sound has continued to change and evolve and their experimental nature has drawn on newer influences, with a harder rockier edge.

The pair are currently working on a new album and the first track to emerge caught the attention of well know Belgium DJ/Producer/Label Owner DJ Scaldia. Ice 9’s ‘Dance Mutha F**kers’ was the first Ice 9 track released on Planet Scaldia Records and it has since received rave reviews and extensive radio plays all around the world in countries including, Japan, Australia, Italy, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Singapore and the United States.

The track is also accompanied by a killer video. Planet Scaldia Records is due to release ICE 9's next single "Europa" and the band plans to release their full length album in early 2013.  

What they say:

Andi Durrant Capital FM Radio UK "I like this track and will play it on my show 7/10"

DJ Will Web of Billboard Radio USA is spinning ICE 9's DMF and gives it 10/10

Daniele Davoli of hit dance group Black Box, gives ICE 9's track Dance Mutha F**kers 10/10

Radio Bondi in sunny Australia spins 'DMF' and gives ICE 9 7/10

Audiochic Live UK "wow dirty dirty dirty 10/10"

Ian Measures Kick 106 FM Radio UK "Pure dirty Filth!! LOve it!!!!! On the list it goes!! 8/10"

iTunes: "DMF" (Dance Mutha Fuckers) EP.

Youtube: "DMF" (Dance Mutha Fuckers) video.