IAN PRADA is the alias of David Swinkels, born in Antwerp, Belgium, on 18 july 1986.

At the age of 16, he discovered his big love for music and  started to mix and produce tracks.

All kinds of music inspired him.

After a few years of studying the turntables, he found out that spinning music was what he liked best.

The combination of music on PC and spinning with the turntable really opened the sky for him: no more limits!

IAN PRADA is the driving force behind R!CH & FAMOUS and 2 THE HOUSEBEAT.

The DJ qualities of IAN PRADA are internationally recognised.

He not only performed in the biggest clubs in Belgium : Noxx, Pure, Industria, Red&Blue, Nanno, Versuz, StereoSushi to name just a few but he also played in Egypt, France, Holland, ...

IAN PRADA is pushing boundaries to create new styles and new sounds.

It's pretty clear that his sound belongs to the Eclectic type.

In 2011, IAN PRADA will release his own productions that will be known as huge main room anthems!

IAN PRADA is certainly one of Belgian finest upcoming talents.