Reappearing as Guided Thought under this new guise Bram Breaks is set to present a whole series of releases on the Planet Scaldia label.

Making his mark throughout the years with techno and breakbeat

he returned to the studio determined to master his own typical sound.

You can easily pick out his trademark sound as his tracks are meticulously crafted pieces of art with a deep progressive demeanour.Ranging from laidback chunky housey stuff over progressive techno to garagelike percussive dubstep.

It's his way to prove that his selected works are assembling his lessons learnt from trial and error. The use of full spectral atmospherics, dreamy pads, and tantalizing fills and FX are folded together to bring out the warmest , sweetest bass that creeps up from the underbelly.

This time avoiding the road of namedropping his only quest is to introduce the reader to the Mindset of Guided Thought.

Let originality conquer and aim for Estetic Perfection.