Eli Shushu,

Born on 16th July 1982 in Naharia Israel.

Self thought guitar player and singer . Been playing the guitar for four years self thought.

Intrests in music started with soul, rock electronic, medeterenian

Performed at a competition at 12 years old singing children’s song

At the age of 13 he moved to Belgium with his parents for work.

A regular traveller to music festivals, clubs and parties  and Electronic music afficionado.

Meeting Adrian Becu over the years at various parties and mutual friends

After having recorded a song at Adrian’s studio, Adrian asked if he was interested in doing a coproduction. Impressed by his vocal talent.

The result of this is the First coproject of this duo release on Planet Scaldia Records

Writing was a fluent process, where Adrian supplied the muisc and Eli the lyrics and vocals.

This is the First debute of this duo.