DJ Scaldia has been a household name on the Antwerp scene for more than 17 years now. He started out as a teenager playing at afterparties and big events like the legendary Full Moon parties, and left the City of Diamonds for 4 years to study sound engineering in London. Returning to Antwerp in 2001, he set up his own recording studio ( Scaldia Stars ) and has been active as sound engineer, producer and DJ ever since.

He has remixed, mixed, mastered and produced tracks together and for Todd Edwards, Tom De Neef, D'Stephanie, Xzike, 2Fabiola, Pat Krimson, Nooncat, Hetrix, Dj Prinz, Dj Phill, Juan Atkins, Ray Garnier, DJ Stijn, Ali Tcheelab, M.Tarlizos, Team Delight, Igor Vdovin, Howard Levine, Mark Alberici, Ice9, Freeform five, Lois, Mista, USEF, Ramon Tapia, Bram Breaks, Jail house Chili, Alex Pieroni, Fernando Gonzalez, Vincent RollĂ©, Xzike, St Andries Mc's, Jimmy Galle, Lena K and many others...

DJ Scaldia's style has moved from house to electro and a sniff of progressive. His sound drives pounding beats through the dancefloor and leaves nobody indifferent. DJ Scaldia has played at Full Moon Parties, Cafe d' Anvers, La Rocca, Stereo Sushi, Motel, NOXX, Mogador, Liquid, Café Capital, DClub, Tafeltje Rond, Camping Zuid, Navigation 2009 Souffleur and is a regular guest in St Petersburg and Moscow (Jet Set, Shambala, Mix ,Sky Lounge,Club Mama,... )

Over the years he has played at various big clubs and private parties.