When JNS (real name Jonas Wouters) first experienced music at an early age, he became addicted to it.

He idolized the experienced and well-known artists and, in a similar way as these idols, he wanted to be able to create his own songs.

To be able to fulfill this dream, he started taking musical courses to obtain the necessary knowledge to be able to join the musical world.

After a while he became obsessed by turning buttons and touching faders and started to collect more producing gear and software.

Not long afterwards, he started clubbing and joined the partyscene. At the clubs, he witnessed deejays mixing their own songs for the first time.

At one of these parties he met Jaimy and the two youngsters started producing and deejaying together; "Team Delight" was born.

They both took the chance to release some of their tracks, as well as the chance to play in shops, bars, clubs and at events.

A few years later, as they seemed to have been growing apart, they decided to split up

each went their own way, which gave Jonas more time to develop a proper style.

With his own interpretation of house, techno, minimal and all its related styles,

his desire is to have the ability to express himself musically and hopes to give his audience more than just satisfaction.

Ready to be wonder-struck?

Go and check it out!