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Danielle Becu Translation Services ( EN, FR, ES, DE )

For all your translations into and from English, French, Spanish, German

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Phill Da Cunha

Phill Da Cunha,

One of Antwerps most finest & respected djs...

Well known from venues as Le Dome, Biazaar, Le Bozo, Café Local, Carré, Delano, Zillion, Club Industria, Versuz, La Riva, La Rocca & Motel.

Former resident of quality concept party’s, such as Studio 54, Fever, Colorbar, Raw (La Rocca), Plage Dimanche (Versuz), Dvine (D-Club), Motelization (Motel Antwerp), Release the 90’s (Industria), Cruises To Pleasure & Playboy Deluxe (Begium).

Boom Boom PR

BOOMBOOM is a PR and event management company specializing in fashion PR and organization of cultural events. We provide consulting on PR and marketing in Russia & CIS, artistic management and logistic support. BOOMBOOM delivers fully integrated projects that are stylish, targeted and efficient.

Based in Moscow, BOOMBOOM operates in Russia & CIS and has an extensive network of affiliated partners in Europe. The result of a Belgo-Russian partnership, BOOMBOOM brings together a decade of experience in the fashion world in Russia with an impressive background in event and project management to form a network that extends to cultural, academic and business spheres. BOOMBOOM stands for positive energy and successful inter-cultural communication.

Pioneer PRO DJ Products

Pioneer Pro DJ products, globally considered "The Industry Standard" for their popularity and quality, produces gear utilizing some of the most cutting-edge technology ever offered to the DJ market.  From the revolutionary DVJ-X1, the world's first DVD turntable to the next generation of the most popular CD turntable ever with the introduction of the CDJ-1000MK3, Pioneer continues to lead the DJ industry with products that change the face of pro audio.


T Cleaning

In this modern world where there is lots of pollution and the windows in your homes and business are impacted by both internal and external pollutants. Tom Geers specializes in residential and commercial window cleaning service.

We know cleaning windows is a big and tiring job and most of you do not have the time and/or energies to cleaning windows after long hours at office and during what little free time you get on weekends.

If this sounds like you pick up your phone and call: +32486438384 or

Email us at The window cleaning specialist can clean the windows in most homes in a few hours and many businesses in one day.

T CLeaning. ensures their clients quality window cleaning services. We guarantee each client services that are timely, reliable and performed with the highest degree of quality and professionalism.  

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